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Tebunus Tube Bending B.V.

Your specialist in bending work of complex types of bendable materials. Tebunus in North Holland Ursem was established in 1985 and has already proven to have good qualities in the field of bending technology, making the name a household name both at home and abroad.

The metal company can process carbon and rust-resistant (stainless steel), (ground / polished) steels, copper, aluminum and exotic types. We continuously invest in our own machinery and toolmaking. Our enormous capacity to bend in all conceivable sizes can limit complicated welding work in complex projects. In addition to bending, we also assist you in: sawing, deburring, application of welding edges, machining techniques, hydrostatic testing and other quality checks.

Tebunus Tube Trading B.V.

Specialized in the ultimate delivery of heat exchanger and condenser tubes. This in order to meet the immediate needs of the chemical and petrochemical industry. Much is available from stock directly and within 24 hours.

Quality and certification

Tebunus applies an extremely strict internal quality system. We are ISO 9001 certified , transference authority and know exactly which requirements are set in the different branches. We only supply products that meet all requirements and customer expectations. Our rejection rate is extremely low (0.12% in 2018). We always check our end products.

Our quality studies

  • Restamping.
  • Hydrostatic test up to 500 bar.
  • Penetrating and magnetic search.
  • Ultrasonic measurement of wall thickness.
  • Hardness measurement

ISO 9001 
Applicable to: cold bending of welded and seamless pipes, including compliance with certification and material traceability requirements. Test the application of appropriate heat treatment, non-destructive and / or hydrostatic pressure at the customer’s request.

Stamping / renaming
Tebunus is superseded for materials with a 3.1 and 3.2 certificate.

As client you can do the inspection yourself or use an independent, officially recognized body.

Delivery of the drawing and the model

Tebunus processes virtually all digital formats with which customers offer a template. In addition, we use an advanced 3D measurement system. With that, we measure the models and convert them to AutoCad format, for example.
The drawings provided must meet the following requirements:
  • Isometric projection
  • Rectangular projection
  • Use of standard dimensions (NEN 2351 or 2536)

Terms of delivery, folders and downloads

Norm sheets

Standard sheet
 (Download Standard sheet Tebunus Tube Bending)



Delivery conditions Tebunus Tube Bending bv

ISO certification

International delivery conditions

Tool list

Tool shop

We produce and manage our bending tools under our own management. That is why Tube Tebunus relied on a very large processing department where the services of our customers were. We can answer about almost all technical production problems.

Machines and equipment

Our state-of-the-art machines and modern processing equipment meet your diverse needs:

  • Various CNC and CNC controlled folders with chuck and printing system
  • Sawing and deburring equipment
  • Pipe-end devices
  • Folding tools for all common radius sizes

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“It is very nice to work with Tebunus, request, quotation, order, order confirmation and delivery are always smooth”

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Independent studies show: Our customers recommend us above average in their network. We are proud of it.

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