Your specialist in bending work of complex types of bendable materials


Own toolshop

What makes us unique is that we have our own tool shop. In it we manufacture all our bending tools ourselves. Everything tailored. This allows us to handle all your complex bending work requests.

We make all the tools for you, from a special profile to a tight radius. Partly due to our own tool shop we always deliver on time without failure and return costs at sharp constant rates.

Tebunus - Eigen gereedschap Buigmateriaal

Our custom tools

No job is too crazy. No tools that we can not make ourselves. We can handle all your bending jobs. Always fast, always on time, always of superior quality. We exclusively use our tools for our customers. So also for you.

Tebunus - Eigen gereedschap

Our customers and partners

Independent research shows: Our customers recommend us above average in their network. We are proud of it.

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