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We have a large machine park with cnc controlled machines. We bend cold. This keeps the consistency of the material intact. We bend every pipe as often and as accurately as you want. Both short and long radius. Many seamless tubes (carbon steel and stainless steel) are in stock. So we can deliver very quickly. We are also specialists in bending U-tubes / hairpins that are mainly used in heat exchangers and condensers.

bended metal


Tebunus Tube Bending meets the latest standards when it comes to the cutting/sawing to the required length. With our advanced, full automatic saws, we can cut lengths up to 10,000 mm with a diameter of 10 to 88.9 mm. The deburring process is integrated in the cutting. This decreases the cutting time significantly, which saves time and costs.



We can deburr products fully automatically and manually. Sharp, upright edge created on a workpiece by cold metal working, such as punching, punching or sawing, we remove. The elimination is called ‘deburring’. The method of deburring is determined by the shape of the workpiece and the nature of the material.

Bending without welding


We are authorized to re-mark materials at our own location (re-stamping or re-marking). With the re-marking of materials with a 3.1 or 3.2 certificate (EN 10204: 2004) we offer you the optimal identification. We can trace individual products from which materials they consist. We also systematically provide and manage associated documentation and certificates with over-stamping. A brand is a set of numbers and letters or images on a product or material that indicates where it comes from. If this mark has disappeared or faded, we can re-apply it so that traceability is guaranteed.

Our Certificate.

Tebunus - stamping


We manufacture and manage our bending tools under our own management. We have an answer to almost all production-related questions:

  • Milling machine – For materials such as steel, aluminum, plastic and wood. Think of: slots, holes, islands and rooms.
  • Lathe – For cylindrical workpieces. At the lathe, the cutting tool (turning tool) stops while the workpiece moves (rotates).
  • Boring – Boring is a form of turning where the product is stationary and the tool rotates. We can make long-lasting and flat bones.

custom bending

Welding edges

Tebunus Tube Bending carries out bevel cutting according to standard ASME B16.25 (Weld Preparation).

Tebunus - Quality bending

Pressure / hydrostatic testing

With an extruder unit we bring a liquid under high pressure in the tube. If a product shows leakage, we see it as droplet or fountain formation.


dye penetrant

We have certified employees for dye penetrant research. The penetrant is applied to the cleaned surface. Penetrant research is a non-destructive test, usually used to detect cracks. It can also be used when magnetic research is too difficult to apply. Method:

  • Cleaning the surface of dirt, paint, oil, grease and rust. This can be mechanical (sanding) and chemical;
  • Apply penetrant. The penetrant needs 10 to 30 minutes to penetrate the cracks.
  • Too much to remove Penetrant;
  • Applying a developer that pulls out the Penetrant that had penetrated into the cracks.
  • Colored spots indicate the position and shape of the cracks
  • Inspection of the test surface. Immediately after applying the developer, and a second time after 15 minutes;
  • Cleaning the sample.

Mieke Genefaas Managing Director


We can easily remove stresses or irregularities in a piece of metal by means of annealing in an oven. The metal is heated in a special gas oven. Due to the high temperature, the metal becomes less brittle and can be processed better.



Tebunus Tube Bending removes contaminants consisting of oils, grease and loose dirt of products and materials. Amongst others we have a special industrial washing machine available.

Three dimensional bending


Tebunus Tube Bending packs its products in:

  • Seaworthy wooden crates.
  • Steel racks, possibly protected with plastic wrap.
  • Lumber tailored pallets, possibly combined with plastic wrap.
  • Pallets with mounted pallet edges.
  • Cardboard boxes.

Packing and shipment

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We only supply products that meet all requirements and customer expectations. Our rejection rate is extremely low. We always test our end products.

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